Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure 2010

It's December in Pittsburgh & lately our weather forecasts have been something along the lines of, "unseasonably cold...bitter....icy....gusting winds....snow showers expected throughout the day....expect slick roads and delays....bundle up your kids like marshmallows....try to avoid frostbite..." You get the picture. So, what does one do when the high of the day is 22 degrees, with snow and wind? Why, drive to a farm and hike to chop down a Christmas tree, of course!

If you've been a reader of my blog for awhile, you are aware of our family history with Christmas trees. If not, you can read about the year I got out of chopping down a tree here, and last year, when I wasn't so lucky, here.

I didn't even try to argue with what I suppose is now becoming a family tradition; I sucked it up (and bundled up) and departed Saturday morning for the chopping of the tree. I have to admit, as grinchy as I felt about it, it was nice to see Jake so excited for the festivities. Here he is, making the 45 minute drive to the tree farm (yes, we drove 45 minutes to do manual labor):

All was well until we actually arrived at the farm & discovered that we had to take a tractor/hay ride up to the Christmas tree area...good for me, since I'm lazy, bad for Jake, since he was scared of the ride. But, we had no choice, so we shoved him on, tears and all, and took off to the Christmas trees. Fortunately, after a few minutes or riding, he stopped crying & just looked pissy, so I guess he finally accepted his fate. (please note the tears & pouty face in the picture!)

I left most of the selection process to Brian (one, because he's pickier about the tree than me, and two, because I had little to no feeling in my appendages and my eyes had frozen over by that point, blurring my vision). He selected a very nice tree (a bit smaller than last year, but that thing was ridiculously huge, so this was a step in the right direction)

This was the first year we let Jake "help" decorate the tree; he had a blast with it and it turned out to be a really great day.

Here is the final product!!

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JCHokie said...

Love the tree and isn't it great that Jake is getting older and is able to participate/enjoy it more and more?

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