Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jake & Mommy's Day of Fun!

Brian went to the Steelers game yesterday (I was not jealous-it was in the 30s and rainy most of the day), so Jake & I had the day to ourselves. We started out the day by playing one of Jake's new favorite games, "restaurant". I always get a seat at the table, and he picks the other guest of honor to occupy the other chair. Typically, it's Elmo or Mr. Penguin, but yesterday it was this singing Santa that he recently received. Jake is such a good restaurant owner that he even helps the patrons with their drinks...bottoms up, Santa!

We decided to brave it & head out to the mall in the rain mid-morning. Like any good mom, I always go to the mall telling Jake that if he sits quietly in his stroller while I do my shopping, we can stop at the play place. :) Whoever decided to put these play places into the mall is a total genius.

I knew he'd get hungry after the play place, so I had packed a lunch for him & we enjoyed a little lunch date at the food court. Here he is saying, "all done! time for the steelers!"

Sadly for him (though nice for me!), he slept through almost the whole game. Gracie & I enjoyed the time snuggled under blankets, writing out Christmas cards.

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