Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy birthday to....ME!!

It's the big year...3-0. I don't feel any older, but I kind of feel like after your 21st birthday, they all just kind of blend together. We don't have any big plans for tonight, but I will be enjoying my free birthday burger at my favorite restaurant, Red Robin, at some point next week :) We celebrated my birthday with my family last weekend, and I received some great new clothes and some stuff for the house, so I was excited about that.

The BIG celebration will actually take place in February; my BFF Melissa, turns 30 in January, so we're doing a girls trip to NYC to celebrate! No husbands, no kids...just US! We're super excited & counting down the days until then!

1 comment:

JCHokie said...

Happy 30th! Welcome to the club. Love the new title & tag line by the way!

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