Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book Review Catch-Up

I have totally been slacking on my reading lately; pretty much the only time I read is on the bus (but that gives me a good hour everyday) but that nice chunk of time has totally diminished due to the fact that I felt sick just riding on the bus most days, there was no way I could pick up a book.

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things now that I'm feeling better, (dork alert here) I've really missed my books! Here are a few that I have managed to finish over the last 2 months or so:

The Help, Kathryn Stockett

One of the best books I've read this year, I think it should be added onto a list of required reading for high schoolers.

Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins

This is book #2 in the Hunger Games series; I wasn't quite as into it as I was with book #1, but it did pick up somewhere in the middle. I look forward to reading the third and final book in the series.

Look Again, Lisa Scottoline

Without giving away too much of the plot, here's the book description from Amazon:

Bestseller Scottoline (Lady Killer) scores another bull's-eye with this terrifying thriller about an adoptive parent's worst fear—the threat of an undisclosed illegality overturning an adoption. The age-progressed picture of an abducted Florida boy, Timothy Braverman, on a have you seen this child? flyer looks alarmingly like Philadelphia journalist Ellen Gleeson's three-year-old son, Will, whom she adopted after working on a feature about a pediatric cardiac care unit.

Parts of this book were a bit slow for me, but I couldn't put it down by the end. I look forward to reading more of this author.

Up next: Mini-Shopoholic, Sophie Kinsella

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