Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 week check up

I had a check up yesterday, though there's never much to report after them at this stage, it's just the standard pee in a cup, weigh in, heartbeat check, ask any questions, then they send you on your merry way. That being said, everything was good yesterday, baby's heart rate was 158 (I looked in Jake's baby book last night, his was 148 at my 16 week appointment). My blood pressure was 108/64, so the medication is doing the trick this time around so far, so that's always a relief.

I've started having Braxton Hicks contractions already, which seemed super early (again, after looking in Jake's book last night, with him they started at 21 weeks), but the doctor assured me they were nothing to worry about as long as they're not occurring with regular frequency or painful. She said I'll probably just be one of the lucky ones to have them throughout my pregnancy, yay me!

The highlight of this check up was getting the prescription for my big ultrasound, which of course I called to schedule the second that I walked out of the office. The big day will be January 6th, at 7:45am!! Hopefully the little one will cooperate, so feel free to leave your boy or girl guesses :)

Here's a belly shot from this morning, 15 weeks 1 day(I should have Brian start cutting out my face in these pictures if I'm going to do them 30 minutes after waking up and before drinking coffee, I look like a zombie):

And for comparison purposes, 17 weeks with Jake (which is the closest to 15 weeks I have, but look how much smaller I was, even 2 weeks later!):


Team Clancy said...

You look soooo cute! I love it! I said the same thing about all my bump pics. Why do we take them in the morning? It is not like there is a huge change in 12 hours!!!! HAHAHA!!!!! I'm not sure what my guess for the little one is. I will let you know when I decide.

Gwen said...

SO cute! I'm glad things went well at your appointment:) And I'm leaning toward girl.

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