Monday, April 28, 2008

Movin' on up....

Jake was enjoying doing his own "blogging" on the other site, but it wasn't very user I've made the executive decision to move the family blog here instead. Brian's been very busy (again) doing a bunch of house updates & yard work, so I wanted somewhere to show off his hard work as well. So Jake is just going to have to learn to share his blog. In return for being so generous by allowing me to use up his blog space with some of my stuff, I have agreed to post new pictures of him. (He also had me put in the contract that I would move his past blogs onto this site, so I'll be working on that as well, he didn't want to lose any of his precious writings....)

Here he is with his new BFF, Mr. Woofy (who is already slimy with slobber, but I don't have the heart to wash him):

So many cute outfits, so little time to wear them is Jake in some of his "sporty" gear:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You know you're a parent when....

You realize that everything that belongs to your baby is nicer than most of the stuff you own. Case in point: bedroom furniture. Jake's furniture is great & I love being in his room...then I walk into our room & stare at the furniture that was Brian's in his college apartment (and if you had ever been in Brian's old apartment, you'd be even more disturbed that we still have the same furniture) I was especially reminded of this yesterday when I went to put laundry away & when I pulled a drawer of the dresser open, the whole drawer practically cracked in half and a bunch of clothes came tumbling out. Brian's temporary fix? To stuff the clothes back in, shut the drawer & pretend that it never happened.

You also know you're a parent when you don't care that the baby has nicer stuff than you, more clothes, etc...and you actually enjoy buying him stuff more than you do buying stuff for yourself at this point. (his stuff is much cuter anyway!) here are some pictures of his fabulous nursery, for those of you who haven't seen it:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Keep on rollin....

*archived from Jake's old blog*

So last night, I'm hanging out in the rainforest, doing my usual tummy time while admiring myself in the mirror (I must say, I am one handsome specimen)...when all of a sudden, I started building up some momentum while rocking on one arm...then bam! next thing I know, I'm on my back, mom is crying saying how proud she is and they're making some big fuss about how I rolled over? Meanwhile, they're just leaving me there on my back and I can't see myself in the mirror anymore! Fortunately, they flipped me back over and dad got out the video camera...I decided to not flip over again last night, I'm going to leave them hanging for a little while.... :) Here are some action shots of me getting my roll on:

Sunday, April 20th

13 weeks, 5 days old

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Too cool for school

*archived from Jake's old blog*

Well, I took my first steps toward college this week...I started going to school! (ok, so really I'm just eating/pooping/sleeping in a different location than the past 3 months, but whatever) So far so good...I think mom took the change a lot harder than I did, she cried more than me this week! My teachers say that I'm doing a great job for being a "newbie"...I'm still having trouble adjusting to taking naps there. there's just so much going on, I dont' want to miss anything! They put me down in my crib & I pretend to be asleep for a few minutes, then when they're not looking, I open my eyes & start to kick my legs & look all around the classroom. hehe...suckers! :)
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