Monday, April 21, 2008

Keep on rollin....

*archived from Jake's old blog*

So last night, I'm hanging out in the rainforest, doing my usual tummy time while admiring myself in the mirror (I must say, I am one handsome specimen)...when all of a sudden, I started building up some momentum while rocking on one arm...then bam! next thing I know, I'm on my back, mom is crying saying how proud she is and they're making some big fuss about how I rolled over? Meanwhile, they're just leaving me there on my back and I can't see myself in the mirror anymore! Fortunately, they flipped me back over and dad got out the video camera...I decided to not flip over again last night, I'm going to leave them hanging for a little while.... :) Here are some action shots of me getting my roll on:

Sunday, April 20th

13 weeks, 5 days old

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