Thursday, April 10, 2008

Too cool for school

*archived from Jake's old blog*

Well, I took my first steps toward college this week...I started going to school! (ok, so really I'm just eating/pooping/sleeping in a different location than the past 3 months, but whatever) So far so good...I think mom took the change a lot harder than I did, she cried more than me this week! My teachers say that I'm doing a great job for being a "newbie"...I'm still having trouble adjusting to taking naps there. there's just so much going on, I dont' want to miss anything! They put me down in my crib & I pretend to be asleep for a few minutes, then when they're not looking, I open my eyes & start to kick my legs & look all around the classroom. hehe...suckers! :)

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