Tuesday, March 25, 2008

first round of shots-OUCH!

What a day! Mom got me all bundled up & took me to the doctor...I'm 10 weeks old and I weigh 12.5 pounds and I was 24 inches long! the doctor said that I'm a long, lean baby. Everything was going great at the visit, the doctor was tickling me and said that I looked perfect! well, that's what we came to hear, so time to go right? wrong! Next, a nurse came in and first she gave me this yummy stuff in my mouth that mom said was cherry flavored tylenol...mmm....I like this nurse lady! then, out of nowhere, she turned on me & poked me with 3 needles!! Traitor. I was NOT a happy camper! the weird thing was, when I calmed down, I looked over & mom was crying. um....mom, did YOU just get stuck with needles? Pull yourself together, woman!

Anyway---I slept for a long time when we got home, then ate dinner and turned into the ultimate Senor Pissy Pantalones (that's spanish for Mr. Pissy Pants)...I was just so uncomfortable, I didn't know what else to do :( but then I noticed that mom looked like she was going to cry again, so I decided to go back to sleep & give her a break. The whole thing was so stressful, I needed a drink to calm down!

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