Sunday, March 2, 2008

Road Trip!!

We've had a busy past few days! We took our first big road trip and went to visit Brian's family. It's about a 5 hour ride and it was a success! We packed so much stuff, we looked like we were going on a 2 week vacation, but better to be overprepared than under, right? :) Jake passed out pretty much as soon as we got into the car and we stopped halfway so that we could eat & he woke up long enough to decide that he wanted lunch too :) After that, it was back to la-la land in his carseat the rest of the way. We had LOTS of visitors over the 4 days we were there! It was a busy but fun weekend and we were glad that everyone had a chance to meet him. Nana Sally was nice enough to host a "meet & greet" brunch for Jake on Saturday and he was a perfect angel & slept most of the day, making it easy for everyone to hold & admire him.

In other news, Jake spent his first night in the crib on Wednesday before we left!! Daddy snuck him in there while mommy was at her book club meeting (see what happens when I leave the boys unsupervised??) :) but it was a success and he continued the trend over the weekend, sleeping in his pack & play in a different room and sleeping longer than ever, which was GREAT! (what was even better was that grandma & grandpa took the 2am feeding shift, so mommy & daddy got a glorious 6 hours of sleep in a row...they didn't know what to do with themselves!!)

All in all, a great weekend...we now consider ourselves pros at the road trip & look forward to visiting Aunt Melissa & Uncle Dennis in Virginia soon!!

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