Friday, February 22, 2008

6 week checkup

We've got a 10 pounder on our hands! Jake had his monthly check up today (he'll be 6 weeks on Tuesday) and he's 10 lbs, 22 inches, which puts him close to the 50th percentile for both things, so the dr was pleased to see that he's catching up in size. Other than that, it was a routine visit, everything is looking great. we go back at the end of March for the first round of immunizations (yikes!) the shots will probably upset mommy more than Jake :)

In other news, we plan on transitioning Jake from the bassinett in our room to his crib within the next 2 weeks or so (wish us luck!) I'm trying to put him down for naps in the crib during the day to get him used to being in there, but so far, the longest he's made it in there by himself is 25 minutes. we'll keep at it though....he just looks so lost in the giant crib all by himself!

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