Tuesday, March 25, 2008

first round of shots-OUCH!

What a day! Mom got me all bundled up & took me to the doctor...I'm 10 weeks old and I weigh 12.5 pounds and I was 24 inches long! the doctor said that I'm a long, lean baby. Everything was going great at the visit, the doctor was tickling me and said that I looked perfect! well, that's what we came to hear, so time to go right? wrong! Next, a nurse came in and first she gave me this yummy stuff in my mouth that mom said was cherry flavored tylenol...mmm....I like this nurse lady! then, out of nowhere, she turned on me & poked me with 3 needles!! Traitor. I was NOT a happy camper! the weird thing was, when I calmed down, I looked over & mom was crying. um....mom, did YOU just get stuck with needles? Pull yourself together, woman!

Anyway---I slept for a long time when we got home, then ate dinner and turned into the ultimate Senor Pissy Pantalones (that's spanish for Mr. Pissy Pants)...I was just so uncomfortable, I didn't know what else to do :( but then I noticed that mom looked like she was going to cry again, so I decided to go back to sleep & give her a break. The whole thing was so stressful, I needed a drink to calm down!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

bunnies & babies

We hosted Easter at our house...it's the 2nd year in a row, but I was anticipating this year to be more challenging with a new baby, but it went very well (it didn't hurt that I had a lot of help from the moms!) Everything turned out to be edible & no one got sick, so I consider it a success. I also loved the way the table turned out, I get really excited by the little details in life (plus, I love any excuse to bust out my china!)

The Easter Bunny was very generous to Jake for his first Easter...don't worry, the candy is for me, not him (and I'm not very good at sharing my sweets, so it's a good thing that he doesn't notice)

Here is my side of the family:

And here is Brian's:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

walks & playdates

*archived from Jake's old blog*

It was another exciting week for us here...the highlight of the week was Monday, when we had a fabulous, random day of 70 degree weather and went on our first walk around the neighborhood! Mommy loaded up the stroller, the baby & the dog & off we went! Jake was awake for most of the walk, staring at everything going by & loving all of the light (he's fascinated by lights!)

On Wednesday, Jake had his first official "date" with his new friend, Amelia. Amelia's mommy, Michelle, is in my book club and the four of us met at Panera for lunch. Michelle is my friend who made these fabulous onesies for Jake:

After sleeping for most of the lunch, Jake woke up just in time to turn on his charm for Amelia...we'll have to see if he can handle an older woman!

Unfortunately, we had our first cold at the end of the week...I guess I really take for granted the fact that I can blow my own nose...poor Jake does not have this same ability and the last few days have been spent doing our best with an aspirator and a vaporizer running in his room at night :( at first, he seemed amused by the aspirator and would smile when we used it on him...I'm not sure if he liked the noise, or if it tickled his nose or what. Unfortunately, the novelty of that quickly wore off and his smiles were replaced with shrieks when he saw the little bulb coming at his face. It's hard to reason with a 7 week old that something is for his own good. He seems a bit better today, so hopefully it's working its way out of his system.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Road Trip!!

We've had a busy past few days! We took our first big road trip and went to visit Brian's family. It's about a 5 hour ride and it was a success! We packed so much stuff, we looked like we were going on a 2 week vacation, but better to be overprepared than under, right? :) Jake passed out pretty much as soon as we got into the car and we stopped halfway so that we could eat & he woke up long enough to decide that he wanted lunch too :) After that, it was back to la-la land in his carseat the rest of the way. We had LOTS of visitors over the 4 days we were there! It was a busy but fun weekend and we were glad that everyone had a chance to meet him. Nana Sally was nice enough to host a "meet & greet" brunch for Jake on Saturday and he was a perfect angel & slept most of the day, making it easy for everyone to hold & admire him.

In other news, Jake spent his first night in the crib on Wednesday before we left!! Daddy snuck him in there while mommy was at her book club meeting (see what happens when I leave the boys unsupervised??) :) but it was a success and he continued the trend over the weekend, sleeping in his pack & play in a different room and sleeping longer than ever, which was GREAT! (what was even better was that grandma & grandpa took the 2am feeding shift, so mommy & daddy got a glorious 6 hours of sleep in a row...they didn't know what to do with themselves!!)

All in all, a great weekend...we now consider ourselves pros at the road trip & look forward to visiting Aunt Melissa & Uncle Dennis in Virginia soon!!
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