Monday, December 13, 2010

Jake's Big Stage Debut

Jake's school was putting on a "Christmas Concert" this past Friday; Brian & I could barely contain ourselves, we were so excited for his big debut. GG & Pappy joined us for the show as well. Jake had been talking about the concert and practicing at home for weeks, but sometimes, stage fright gets the best of all of us.

The pictures aren't great because the lighting was so low, but you can see the progression of terror and tears:

Here he is, calm & collected at the beginning (he even spotted us in the audience when he first sat down & smiled and waved):

The crown started bothering him (he was one of the Three Wise Men):

Aaaaaaaaaand, then the tears started :(

It was heartbreaking to sit and watch him cry, but as you can see in the picture, one of the teachers came and sat behind him for the rest of the show. And it did make me feel a little bit better that there was one other kid who was so hysterical, he had to be physically carried off of the stage. So, Jake held up a bit better than that!

Again, terrible lighting (and Jake didn't actually sing), but here he is front & center during his song:

One thing that made me giggle was that when Jake was singing these songs at home, he kept singing one that went, "At the table, at the table, at the table Christmas day...the animals are at the table, at the table Christmas day..." then he goes through all of the animals one at a time. I thought it was a little odd to have a song about animals at the table, but whatever....I learn upon opening the program that night that the song is actually "In the STABLE" he was just singing at the table :)

So, after the trauma of the play, he still seemed a bit irritated but quickly cheered up when he realized there was a cookie & juice reception.

Tears aside, it was a very proud moment for mommy & daddy!!

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