Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa: What a rip-off!!

We had assumed that our annual Santa trip would result in tears for the 3rd year in a row; we were wrong! But, the tears were replaced with disappointment this year. Clearly, I needed to do a better job of explaining to Jake WHY we were going to go see Santa. We got there & he immediately started looking all around the little "workshop" area they had set up, trying to peek behind Santa then finally asked "Where are my toys? Where are the presents??". Poor kid. He thought we were going to see Santa to pick up his goodies. He even tried to steal some of the presents that were being used as decoration:

Fortunately, he recovered fairly quickly after a brief explanation that this is where he puts the order in so that Santa knows what to bring in a few days. Initially, he wouldn't sit beside Santa by himself...fortunately, there was a bench, so I wasn't forced to also plop on Santa's lap (which can get a little creepy).

I was able to slide off the bench after a minute, and Jake continued his conversation with Santa. His random wish list includes: a candy cane (which he calls a "handy" cane), a Lightning McQueen and a Steelers helmet.

Only a few more days until Christmas!! The little kid inside of me is having trouble sleeping lately, I'm so excited......

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