Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A few of my favorite things....

Fellow blogger Cara had a similar post a few days ago, and it reminded me that I've been meaning to take some pictures of my favorite Christmas decorations and post them. While I feel that I can improve next year by adding a few things here & there, I was pleased overall with how the Christmas decor turned out.

First up, the newest addition to our ornament adorable owl from my friend, blogless Lisa :) He matches the shower curtain that we put up in Jake's room:

There was a delay in the stockings being hung by the chimney with care, because we didn't want to put any holes into the mantel. I couldn't find any of those hooks that sit on top of the mantel that I liked, and the whole mantel is curved, so we couldn't just use those removable sticky hooks. Final solution? Hang them from the screen!

My MIL bought me this beautiful Willow Tree nativity set last year, it looks great in front of the built-in book shelves in our living room:

I bought this tree years ago, during the day-after-Christmas sale (my 2nd favorite day of the year to shop, next to Black Friday) at Bath & Body's still one of my favorites, I have it on our entry way table this year:

My mom bought us a few new pieces of Christmas decor as part of our housewarming gift; I didn't realize until after it was already up that it's probably supposed to be hung vertically. Oh well, it's staying this way for this season :)

She also got us this tree for our entryway (good deal from walmart!)

I tried this year to make use of some of the glass containers that I already have, and just add a Christmas or winter touch to them.

The mantel....

Dining room table centerpiece:

Only 10 more days until Christmas, I can't believe it!!

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Cara said...

Pretty decorations! Love the owl ;) Thanks for the mention/link!

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