Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

As I mentioned in my last post, we were able to visit with Brian's family for a few days and we did a lot in those few days!

Nana picked up a Cozy Coupe for Jake at a yard sale, it was a huge hit!

He also got to bake his first batch of cookies on Saturday--don't worry, Nana did most of the supervising, I was in charge of reading the directions to her, so the house did not burn down. Jake loved helping though, so I might have to suck it up at some point soon and try it with him at home. (check out Gracie in the back of the 2nd picture, just hoping for something to drop to the floor)

His favorite part was when we would turn on the stand mixer...look at his face!

We also took a trip to the park, though it ended up being much colder and windier than we had realized, so we didn't stay too long. But don't worry---all 3 of the kids had a great time while we were there!

And of course, we went Black Friday shopping!! The shopping trip was to include me, my mother-in-law, Sally and our friend, Joy; since none of us were looking for any of the crazy hot items, our plan was to leave at 5:30am. Since I'm like a 2 year old, I woke up at 3:15am and I was too excited to go back to sleep. I finally gave in at 4:15, woke up Sally and texted Joy to see if we could depart early :) We were out the door by 5am.

As I said, I had low expectations since I wasn't looking for anything in particular. But I did end up getting some great deals, and I was able to scratch a few people off of my list to buy for. We had a great time, enjoyed a yummy breakfast then came home & crashed. Another successful Black Friday!!

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Team Clancy said...

Brett and I laughed out loud at Jake's face in the mixer picture. Too cute!!!!

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