Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We have so many things to be thankful for this year, too many to list. I noticed on Jake's sheet from school yesterday that they had been talking about what it means to be thankful and they've been learning about Thanksgiving for weeks now. So on the car ride home yesterday, I asked Jake what he is thankful for. His answer? "Stuffin'". Yes, as in stuffing. I'm not sure he's ever even had stuffing? If he doesn't want to eat any on Thursday, I'll have to remind him that he's thankful for it.

They were having a Thanksgiving meal at school today, which he was super excited about. Here is is this morning, all fancied up for the festivities!

And, of course....he's obsessed with the Terrible Towel that Uncle Dennis bought for him over the weekend :) (it went to school with him today)

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

DrDrama said...

That is one good looking kid! Happy Thanksgiving!

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