Monday, November 1, 2010

Party Time!

Last Friday, I took the day off of work to help out with Jake's Halloween party at school. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or him :) I'm so glad I went, it was so much fun seeing him with the friends & teachers he spends so much of his time with and learning more about what they do there every day. The morning started out with Circle Time, where they reviewed the day, weather, letter of the day & number of the day.

They did some stretches:

And sang some songs (excuse the bad lighting in the video):

After that, it was time to decorate cookies and do an art project:

Next, it was time for the parade and trick or treat! There's a retirement community that is affiliated with our daycare, so they led the parade through the halls of the retirement home, which was really nice.

After that, it was lunch time and time for mommy to depart so that Jake could take his nap. He must have enjoyed himself, they had to wake him up from his nap after almost 3 hours :)

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