Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello, November.

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Oh hey there, November.  You just crept right on in here on me, didn't you?  One minute I'm in a state of bliss because it's just the very beginning of fall, and now you're here!  Full on autumn mode.  Welcome!

Sometimes I feel like November gets the shaft....and I'm totally guilty of playing into this, too!  You have October, and that month really gets all the credit for fall.  That's when the leaves start to change, people are practically running each other over to get to Starbucks for the first PSL of the season, and you see drones of families at the pumpkin patch every weekend.  But November?  It's like a hurdle to get past to make way for Christmas. Don't worry, November...I may try to rush you at times just because I love Christmas and all of the glittery things that come with it, but I love you, too. 

In honor of my love confession of November, here is my list of top things I'm looking forward to about this month:

1.  Trying out the NEW Chestnut Praline Latte at Starbucks
 Facebook was nice enough to inform me last week that Starbucks would be releasing a new holiday drink this season called the Chestnut Praline early review of it said it tasted like Teddy Grahams in a cup.!

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It looks like it will be released on November 12th...mark your calendar!

2.  The Starbucks Red Cup
I'm sensing a Starbucks trend in this post...but honestly, how happy does the red cup make you?  I don't know why, but my heart feels happy the first time I get a seasonal drink and it's served to me in this festive little beauty. 

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3. Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving.  Of COURSE, Thanksgiving.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, biscuits, pie....I'm starving just thinking about all of it.  It's also just my kind of a day....aside from the cooking and serving, there's always a laid back feel to Thanksgiving.  Most of the time, our day is spent lounging around in PJ's as long as possible, stuffing ourselves silly, then kicking back with some football and black friday ads for the rest of the day.  Which is what it's all about, right?  Time with family and being thankful for the past year and what is to come.

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4.  Black Friday Shopping!
My last item segue-ways  nicely into my next favorite thing...which is Black Friday Shopping!  This is, to me, the Official Start of Christmas Season.  This kicks it all off for me! This is the day that I turn on Christmas music in the car for the first time (you know, at 4am on the way to Target!) and really find myself getting into the holiday spirit. I know I've posted about this on here before, but that's really why I love black friday so much...yes, it's great getting some awesome deals and checking off some items from my Christmas shopping list...but more than that, it's the hustle and bustle of being out with all of the people, having fun with whoever I'm with that year (either my mom or mother-in-law, and sometimes some extra friends we pick up along the way!), and enjoying the day.  We never feel this crazy pressure to buy-buy-buy a bunch of stuff, and we are rarely looking for any big ticket items, so it's low stress.  And we usually top it off with a yummy brunch or lunch out somewhere...can't beat that!! 

Maybe we need to step up our game this year and get some matching shirts??

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shirt available in Etsy shop josiekatstrunk

What are you looking forward to in November??

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