Friday, November 7, 2014

Favorite Finds Friday

Linking up again over at Friday Favorites!!

Favorite Find #1: Anthropologie Monogram Mug

I came across these on Pinterest a few months ago, and knew that I would be placing it on my birthday/Christmas wish list for anyone who asked.  I don't know why I was so drawn it to, but I's just so simple yet pretty. 

image courtesy of

Favorite Find #2: Old Navy Pixie Pants
It's rare for me to rave about pants because in general, I detest them (unless they are sweatpants or PJ pants, of course)  But especially dress pants...I feel like it's hard to find them to fit, I hate having to get them hemmed, and I get really annoyed when they lose their shape/stretch out really fast.  So imagine my surprise when I took a cue from the Pinterest Told Me To blog after rave reviews and ordered a pair for myself during a sale.  The only regret I have about these pants is that I didn't order them in more colors when they were on sale!!

I have them in black, but I'm hoping for a huge Black Friday sale so that I can expand my collection.  These are by far, the best work pants I have found.  They are comfy, have just enough stretch to them that they look good but aren't suffocating, and the length is perfect. (most of the reviews said to size up 1 from your normal size...I did that and I think it was a wise decision)

Other colors I love (all images from

color: dark steel
color: wine purple

Favorite Find #3: Adorable Christmas Decor at Target!

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not one of those people who is annoyed by Christmas stuff showing up in stores in November.  In fact, it kind of makes my heart skip a beat to turn a corner in my favorite store (hello, Target) and find all of the shiny, glittery splendidness of Christmas staring me in the face. 

 The other day, I may or may not have taken a little stroll through the decor aisle and I'm pretty sure I gasped out loud when I saw these little guy on the shelf:

And guess how much they were?  $5!  FIVE DOLLARS.  Somehow I walked away from them....but I have been thinking about them ever since.  They may just need to come home with me the next time I'm in Target....


Kimberly said...

I love that mug too!!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Love that anthro mug- i have the same one and a bunch of the other monogrammed ones from there. ANd also i'm loving seeing the christmas stuff come out here... but before halloween as I've seen in some stores is a bit much!!

Emmy said...

Thanks for stopping by, girls!! The mug is just adorable...I'm thinking it would make a good gift, too!

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