Friday, November 14, 2014

Favorite Finds Friday

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Favorite Find #1: Old Navy Need Coffee PJ Top

If you've ever seen me before I've had my coffee, I sincerely apologize for how I looked and anything I might have said. Sometimes even the kids say things to me like, "um...mommy?  Have you had your coffee yet??"'s BAD.  I saw this PJ top featured on another blog and it made me think of myself, haha!

On a related note, I'll just go ahead and leave this may or may not be applicable to my life and loved ones:

Mug available here, image courtesy of Etsy shop ChantillyStay

Favorite Find #2: Alex and Ani Bracelets

While these adorable bracelets aren't new by any means, they're new to me and my wrist :)  My mother in law recently got me this one with my initial and I've had it on everyday since:

They're adjustable to a certain extent, which makes them nice to pull off and on and not have them falling all the way down to the middle of my hand when my arm is down (which is what happens with other bangles that I have)  They're cute, fit well, and they're made in! 

Favorite Find #3: Cheesy Made-for-TV Christmas Movies

Confession:I have a thing for cheesy Christmas movies.  In fact, the cheesier, the better!  Some of my previous favorites include "Christmas in Handcuffs" starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Melissa Joan Hart) and AC Slater (Mario Lopez) and "Christmas with Holly" starring no one that I know, but was super cute and cheesy so it makes the list. 

Imagine my excitement when I saw this ad in a magazine last week:

I don't even know what this movie is about, but it doesn't matter because KELLY KAPOWSKI, people!!!  (if you don't know that name, google it, then spend the next few days of your life binge watching "Saved by the Bell",'ll thank me later) 

Others that I'm looking forward to watching star Candace Cameron (aka-DJ Tanner from Full House!):

this one actually premiered last year, but I didn't have a chance to watch it...I've already DVRd it so that won't happen again this year! Being shown again this Saturday, 11/15 at 6pm!
Premieres on November 29th!!! Get your DVR ready!
Another one from last year that I have my DVR set for:

showing on Monday, 11/17

So what about you, do you have a thing for cheesy Christmas movies?  If so, what are your favorites??

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emma @ {from my little pink couch} said...

OMGsh!!!! I am totally with you on the Hallmark movies starring TV actors from the 90's!!!! Kelly Kapowski & DJ Tanner .... sign. me. up!!!!!

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