Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up Post

Before I start my wrap up post, I just want to point out that there are now 6 weekends between now and Christmas. SIX, PEOPLE.  

Just kidding.  Kind of.  I'm sticking to the pledge I made last year, where I don't, under any circumstances, panic over Christmas.  I will enjoy the season and continue my mantra of "if it gets done, it gets done...if not, oh well".  We'll see how it goes! 

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 On Friday night, I got together with some friends who also happen to be fellow preschool moms....we try to get together once a month or so, but I haven't been able to make it the past few months due to other commitments, so I was super excited to be back this month!  We had a BLAST.  I've posted on here before that I'm a firm believer in taking time for yourself with just friends....of course, I love hanging out with the kids and having date nights with Brian, too, but taking off your wife and mama hat for a night can be so refreshing!

Saturday morning brought another basketball game for Jake (I have some video that I need to sort through, so I'll put those in a separate post) but here is a little picture teaser:

That afternoon, Brian headed out to do yardwork and Liam took a nice long nap, so Jake and I spent some quality time with his Legos.  In case you haven't figured it out by now, Jake is a super active kid with seemingly endless quantities of energy....however, if he's in the mood, he will sit down with Legos for hours!! 

Parents: did you know you can sign your kid up for a FREE Lego Club that comes with a magazine subscription?  Jake looks forward to it arriving in the mail every month...there are always some activities to do in the magazine (word searches, connect the dots, etc), coloring pages, stories, and a few Lego tutorials.  On Saturday, he was working on constructing Santa's sled from the tutorial in the new magazine :)  Click here to subscribe:

After Liam woke up, I needed to head to Target to grab a few things.  Remember the little bird I posted about on Favorite Finds Friday??  He may have found his way into my cart.  Something that did not find its way into my cart, but did end up on my head include:

I snapped this selfie so I could show the kids, then came home and told the kids that mommy took so long to shop because I got a terrible headache while in the store because something fell off a shelf and onto my head.  Jake looked horrified and I asked if he wanted to see a picture...I showed him this on my phone and I thought he was going to cry. Oops.  #mommyfail   Liam laughed even before I told him it was pretend.  I see how it is.

Saturday night, Brian and I had an in-home date night....meaning that, instead of doing our usual routine where we binge watch HGTV and fall asleep on the couch, we watched a movie instead. We chose "American Hustle" and it was ok.  I enjoyed it for the most part, though it got weird at times, and it could have been about 30 minutes shorter.  But hey, I stayed awake for it!

Sunday morning, we headed to church/sunday school....Jake is my little yinzer at heart and resists wearing anything that is non-steelers on game days, so I'm just happy to get him into real pants (translation: non-athletic pants) on Sundays.  I consider real pants a win these days.

That afternoon, we watched a Steelers game that I don't even want to talk about, then Brian and the boys headed out to do some leaf clean up while I put dinner together.  I went out when I was done, just in time to help for about 5 minutes before we came inside since it was getting dark.  I have impeccable timing.

The good news is, our trees have dropped *almost* all of their leaves.  *happy dance*!!!

The rest of the night brought lasagna, homework, baths, then DVR catch up (Parenthood!) after the littles were in bed.  Hope you had a great weekend!!

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