Thursday, November 6, 2014

Aunt Amy and Uncle Ben are MARRIED!!!

Last weekend, we were honored to take part in a very special day....Brian's sister Amy got married!!!  The kids are thrilled that they can now officially call Ben "Uncle Ben" and the wedding was just amazing.  Unfortunately, I got close to no pictures that day but I'll be sure to share some once the photographer posts. 

We were able to take some days off of work and drive out Thursday morning, which was nice because we were able to spend some time relaxing with everyone that afternoon and evening, before we had to enter full-on wedding prep mode Friday!  On Friday morning, we met up with Ben's parents for a little nature walk at a nearby park:

That evening, we had to get ready for the big day with a little rehearsal at the church, followed by dinner.  It happened to be Halloween and Amy and Ben LOVE Halloween, so they decided to make it a costume party....I was so impressed by some costumes, everyone really went all out!

Danny and Sally
me and Brian
Our little family :)
Batman and Robin to the rescue!
Uncle Pip and Aunt Reen, aka-Duck Dynasty
Amy and Brian
GG, me, Pappy
Sally and Sarah (aka-Theresa Guidice)
Amy and Ben-professional camp counselors :)
  We all tried to get some sleep that night (I know it took me awhile to fall asleep, I was so excited for the next day...I can only imagine how the bride was feeling!)  As I said, I have close to no pictures of that day, but here are some selfies of me and the boys in the car on the way to the church!!

A shot of me and Brian in the limo after the ceremony....ready to get the party started!!

And one of the boys shaking it on the dance floor....they killed it out there!!  With the exception of a few very short breaks, they were on the dance floor all.night.long.  They had a blast!

I have to add this one in here....25 minutes of yanking bobby pins out of my hair later, and I finally got it all down...imagine my surprise when I discovered it was still curly underneath all of those pins and hairspray!  (my hair NEVER curls, and certainly never holds a curl even if you can get it to curl for a few minutes)

The boys were wiped on Sunday....late nights 3 nights in a row with visiting people and parties....time change on Saturday night/Sunday morning (they slept until 8am on know how rare this is for them!)  So this is what they looked like for a large portion of the car ride home on Sunday:

 Stay tuned for more pictures, hopefully soon.....

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