Monday, November 24, 2014

I just can't stop myself...Christmas is coming.

It's one of those unfortunate years where Thanksgiving falls late in November, thus making the time between one holiday and the next super short.  I know I've blabbed here about how much I love fall...and I absolutely do!  But really, fall gets a lot of time, you know?  I usually put out my fall decor and start getting excited for changing leaves and PSL's the week after Labor Day.  That's nearly 3 full months of fall!!  But Christmas?  Christmas is really just a small time period when you think about make Thanksgiving a bit later and bam....Christmas is left sobbing in the corner!

That's why this year is the year I decided to say screw it...screw the stigma enjoying Christmas before Thanksgiving, and screw my own self imposed rules that I've forced myself to abide by over the years.  This year, I'm all in and I'm all in early.
I cranked up the Christmas music last week when it came on the radio. 
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 I drug out my Christmas dishes over the weekend. The pumpkins were thrown out.

 We put up our Christmas lights. 

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 I told the kids we could watch a Christmas movie the other night and even let them wear their Christmas PJs when they begged to do so. 

someone invaded my space halfway through the movie.
I even let the boys write out their Christmas wish lists for Santa over 2 weeks ago:


Funny note: there were a few things that didn't make it onto each kids lists after a little chat.  It's really the first year that either of them have asked for something that I just knew Santa wouldn't be able to bring.  For Jake, it was an iPad and "either a jersey, helmet or poster signed by Big Ben".  For Liam, it was a baby sister in a purple hat.  He plans to name her Elsa and take her to Target.  I have no idea what this says about me and my shopping habits. 

So.  As you can see, it's 3 days before Thanksgiving and we have completely ignored any type of holiday rules....maybe we're just starting our own type of family traditions?  Don't worry, we are still very much looking forward to Thanksgiving...and I promise we will take the time to enjoy it that day and acknowledge that it is its own holiday :)

When does the Christmas season start for you?

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