Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Liam's Language: a Translation Guide

I'm sure that I should be working with him more on the correct pronunciation of his letters, but really, my heart just melts when he refers to himself as "Wee-am" and I can't bring myself to correct him.  In time.

In addition to his letter pronunciation, he also has some other unique phrases.  Here is a little guide in case you find yourself confused during a conversation with him:

Last Day
Translation: Yesterday.  The day before yesterday.  Last week.  Last month.  Last year.  5 minutes ago.  It really means any time other than the present.
Example:  Last day we went to Disney World.  Also, last day, I ate breakfast. 

Translation: To sleep.  Sleep.  Sleeping.
Example: I have to get a good sweeps so I can play later.
Bonus example:  his use of this phrase in his favorite song, One Republic's "Counting Stars"...."Lately I've been, I've been woosing (losing) sweeps"

Well, I didn't see that one coming.
Translation: straight-forward translation.  He actually uses this in context, I just wanted to include it because I think it's funny coming out of such a tiny human.
Example:  The other day, he picked up a box that had puzzle pieces in it and some spilled out onto the floor; his response was, "Well...I didn't see that one coming!"

Translation: Lasagna
Example: This beesanya is really good, can I have more?

Translation: love
Example: I wuv you, mommy.  (as you can guess, this one is my favorite!) 


Gwen said...

Ah, Claire (or should I say 'Care') is in the same boat ;) Gumraffe is giraffe. Manayno is potato, etc. My personal fave came a couple days ago. She did a kids yoga session from on demand and at the end they talk about saying 'namaste'. She very sweetly looks at me and says 'mamasteak, mama' :) Love it!

Jennifer @ Also Known As...the Wife said...

I loved the "Well I didn't see that coming" quote. :) I try hard not to constantly correct mispronunciations...I figure they'll learn how to say things correctly before college. Last summer, Sophia would call her bathing suit "babysuit". I was so sad when she gave it up this summer in favor of the correct pronunciation.

Sara said...

"Last day" is the same for us. There are so many things. I was sad when C gave up orange- it.p for the more basic orange.

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