Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Liam's School Progress Report

Every few months, we receive a progress/assessment report from daycare; I enjoy it, because aside from a brief conversation with his teacher at pick up, it's hard to know what he's really doing there and how things are going (have you ever tried to get a full story out of a 3 year old?  Doesn't always work out that well!)  Here is a summary of the recent progress report we received:

Personal and Social Development
Liam has improved greatly since joining the preschool room with demonstrating self confidence.  He responds warmly to the teachers' greetings and exchanges a few words when arriving to the classroom.  He communicates very well with teachers and peers during activity and free play time.  He is able to transition well from one classroom activity to the next, with prompts.  Liam shows a huge interest in learning, and will participate throughout the day in activities and he is eager to respond to questions and give comments.  He is quiet when we ask him to be, though he sometimes needs to be reminded to keep his hands and feet to himself, which is expected at this age. 

He has a great imagination and loves to play with his peers, though he is often content to engage in a solo activity as well.  He often seeks out the company of teachers instead of his peers.

Language and Literacy
Liam speaks clearly and is understood most of the time.  He is able to communicate his concerns with his teachers and peers most of the time, though he does need to be reminded at times to state his feelings toward his peers when someone invades his personal space, rather than using his hands to move them away. 

Mathematical Thinking
Liam is interested in solving basic math problems, such as counting objects and adding small numbers of objects together to get a total. 

Scientific Thinking
We are just beginning to explore different types of science, but Liam has shown a keen interest in this area.  He asks many follow up questions about science lessons throughout the day.

Social Studies
Liam is able to wait his turn during different transitioning times during the day.  He is also capable of raising his hand during group activity times. 

The Arts
Liam shows much interest in this area as well, he enjoys every art project that we work on as well as music time.  We recently had an "American Idol" game, where Liam was willing to sing a song in front of the whole group, something that he has shied away from in the past.

There you have it, all seems well on the preschool front.  And because what's a post without some cute pictures, here are some shots from this week after school....he had been wearing his beanie cap outside and suffered a bit of hat head when we got home:

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Sara said...

I am so glad he is doing so well. What wonderful, unsurprising news. :) Great job, Liam! Also, Liam, you are adorable!

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