Thursday, October 9, 2014

Update on my sleep progress and Brian's shoulder

It's funny to have shifted in a point in parenthood where I'm no longer writing posts about the sleep habits of my children, but rather about myself.  Full circle, I suppose.

You may recall that I wrote a post toward the end of September talking about my recently awful sleep habits, how I was starting to feel run down, and that my goal was to start going to bed at a decent time and stop slipping into a coma on the couch every night.  (post here:

I'm pleased to report that I'm making slow, but steady progress.  Things that were detrimental to my goal: ALL THE TV.  You guys.  I love TV.  And of course the week that I decide I should get more sleep is the same week that everything came back....just take a look at the 3 hour Shonda Rhimes marathon occurring every Thursday!!  I make exceptions for that Shonda fest of Greys Anatomy/Scandal/How to Get Away with Murder on Thursday nights, and exceptions for Steelers night games...but other than that, I have been inching closer to being in bed by 10:30, which is a full hour earlier than where I was a few weeks ago. woohoo!

One thing that has helped a lot is that Brian is much more mobile at this point, he's made great progress in just the past 3 weeks or so since he's been doing physical therapy 3 days per week.  This is helpful in that he can now do things like give the kids a bath and get their bedtime routine started so that I can clean up the kitchen during that time...leaving me with much less to do at 8:30 once the kids are in bed.  So YAY for recovery!  I'm happy for myself obviously for selfish purposes, but I'm also very happy for him...his spirits are definitely up and being able to drive has given him a sense of normalcy again (and made him less stir crazy!) 

I also worked toward my goal by taking a sick day last week at work...this is rare for me, and not because I'm super dedicated to my job but because I always seem to have this awful luck of being sick on weekends!  And if I'm not contagious, I have this tendency to drag myself into my office because of all the sick days I take for the kids throughout the year....I feel the need to stockpile them. But last Friday, I woke up with this awful headache....the kind that is blinding and makes you feel nauseated....normally, I might have attempted to go into work or at least contemplated it for a long period of time.  But last week?  Nope.  This girl wasn't having any of it.  I decided within a few minutes of moving around that deserved a sick day to myself to stay in my PJs, nod off on the couch, and watch awful TV to my heart's content.

Gracie was happy to be back on duty as a caretaker for the day:

We watched a lot of this:

Preach it, Ms. Gorga.

After sleeping for a large chunk of the morning, I was able to pull myself together by head was MUCH better.  Sometimes you just need one of those days, I guess.  Real Housewives of NJ is a cure all!! 

On a positive note, I'm still doing my torture total body fusion class on my lunch break at work two days a week.  I can say that I hate it slightly less than I did when I started at the beginning of summer, so...I guess there's that. 

Lessons learned from this post: do some exercise, get some rest, and watch some good shows!!

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