Monday, September 22, 2014

What we've been doing....and what I hope to do.

I've been trying to make an effort at taking pictures of just everyday life with the kids...not out at an event, not ones where they are playing sports or with their friends...just everyday life.

Brian has continued with his physical therapy, he's completed 4 sessions so far and (thankfully) the last 2 have been a bit easier than the first two!  Since he can't drive, the kids and I have been escorting him to the appointments....then we leave the poor guy there and go do something for that hour (don't worry, we always bring him something fun!)  Last week, we went to YUM Frozen Yogurt for a sweet treat!

As we were leaving the FroYo shop, Jake was saying how good it smelled outside while we were walking back to our car....we figured out that there was a cute little pierogi shop next door! We had found where we would go for the next session!


The pierogis were just as delicious as they smelled from the outside! So yummy, in fact, that the kids got up out of their seats after a few bites and ran over to the woman who had taken our order to tell her how yummy her pierogis were :)   If you're looking for a unique lunch or dinner in Pittsburgh, check out Forgotten Taste!

I hosted a Wine Wednesday at my house....there are about 8 or so other moms who live in my neighborhood, and a few months ago we realized that we never get together without our children. We needed to remedy that situation real fast, so we started up monthly Wine Wednesday get togethers after the kids go to bed and take turns hosting.  I made a fall sangria that was quite tasty, if I do say so myself!  I'll post a recipe later on.

Over the weekend, I was out in Brian's hometown, celebrating his sister's upcoming wedding at her bridal shower!  I will do a full post soon, but it was a great day and so nice to spend time with everyone. 

What we have coming up....hopefully rest.  I have had the worst sleep habits lately (falling asleep on the couch then crawling up to bed hours later, or if I don't fall asleep, staying up way too late, being up throughout the night with a coughing kid, etc) This is me at least 4 nights a week when Brian tells me I should just go to bed before I fall asleep on the couch:

 I really, really need to make it a priority this week and next to get more/better quality sleep.  With Brian still being partly out of commission, I find myself doing a bunch of stuff once the kids go to bed....I'm wiped at that point (usually 9 or 9:15) but I also have a really hard time unwinding if I don't do something relaxing where I can zone out before bed.  So, I plop down on the couch and we turn on a show....then I don't feel like getting up and walking to bed (lazy, I know) so we get sucked into another show....then it's past 11 so by the time I get ready for bed and actually fall asleep, it's closer to 11:30.  My 5:20am alarm going off makes me feel super stabby.  I can rally after a cup of coffee, but I'm falling apart by 2pm everyday, it's not a pretty scene.

So, I'm putting it out accountability sort of thing.  Goal this week: go TO bed (not fall asleep on the couch), get more sleep overall, rely less on caffeine in the afternoon to function. 

Full disclosure: I have already failed if we count last night as the first night of this my defense, the steelers were playing a night game...what's a Pittsburgh gal to do? (I broke two of my new vows....I not only stayed up until 11:15, but then I fell asleep on the couch at the very end of the game...oops) 

Here's to a great week...happy first day of fall, ya'll!! :)

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Sara said...

You do such cute things with your family and friends. :) I love it!

I have a difficult time with the sleep thing, too. There is so much to do every evening, that I need time to unwind. By the time I am unwound, it is way too late to get enough sleep. And I drag in the afternoons too. Grab some water, and a nice protein AND carb snack. It will help. Peanut butter on a delicious fall apple would be perfect. :)

And thank you, thank you, thank you, for your very kind words about my grandmother. I truly do love her deeply and am glad that came across in my writing.

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