Monday, October 20, 2014

Jake's 1st Basketball Game!

Our house came with a basketball hoop, and if Jake is outside playing he is almost always shooting some hoops out in the driveway.  He started asking last spring if he could join a basketball team, so we found a fall team for him to join and he started this past Saturday.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics or video of him playing (I promise to do better for the next game!), but I can assure you he had a great time.  He looked so serious out there on the court, trying his hardest to do what the coach was telling them to do.  Since it was the first time, they did mostly practice/drills, with a little 15 minute scrimmage with another team at the end.....the scrimmage was by far, the best was hilarious!  Sheer chaos, but tons of fun to watch :)  The best part about it for me?  It was INSIDE!! :) 

Looking forward to seeing this little guy continue to learn on the court!

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