Monday, December 19, 2011

Call me crazy.

Remember my post a few weeks ago where I said I wasn't going to go crazy with Christmas prep this year??  For the most part, I can pat myself on the back and say that I've held myself to that. (go me!)  I was feeling right on track, happy with the way everything was going and felt very prepared, overall.

Last Friday, I had scheduled a day off of work, and my plan was to drop Gracie off for her holiday haircut, go grocery shopping (trying to get most of the stuff purchased that I would need for the Christmas dinner), then wrapping up a few stray gifts and doing some light cleaning in the afternoon.  That would have been a great plan, had I not woken up overnight with a FEVER OF 102.5 AND THE FEELING OF DEATH COMING UPON ME.  Are you kidding me??  neither of the kids are sick, Brian felt a little run down the day before, but bounced back quickly...why me??  UGH!!

Now, this is where I should have gone back and read my old post, the one where I vowed to NOT go crazy.  Because crazy I went.  I popped some tylenol, chugged a bunch of water, got my temp down a tiny bit and felt at least somewhat functional (in this case, the definition of "functional" means able to hold my own head up, which was an improvement from pre-tylenol).  I knew my own name, and I knew how to drive to walmart.  Good enough for me!  Off I went.

Worst.idea.EVER.  At some point around the paper products aisle, the tylenol started to wear off...I got a terrible case of the chills and aches so bad I wanted to cry.  But I was already there, with a cart already starting to be loaded up...what was I going to do??  I made it through the shopping trip, I just had to stop in every other aisle and sit down on the bottom shelf to rest for a few minutes.  I got more than a few strange looks, and one lady did ask me if I was ok....I waved her off, saying I was fine, just needed a bit of a rest!!  I seriously probably looked deranged.  I guess most people don't need to clear out a space on the bottom shelf in the cereal aisle to sit with their head between their knees.....

Oh and I mentioned this was the grocery shopping for Christmas dinner...the main thing on the menu that day is turkey.  I found the turkey bin at walmart, stared at it, limply stuck my hand in to start to dig for the proper sized turkey and I had to stop myself. I couldn't even move one side to side to check the weight, there was no way I was going to be able to lift it out of the bin and into my cart.  I was so overwhelmed by the thought of doing that, that I swore at the turkeys in my head for being so heavy and cold, then walked away.  

By the time I got through the check out line (I'm pretty sure I set a record for longest time taken to put all food on the conveyor belt EVER) and into my car, I was already kicking myself for thinking that this was at all a good idea.  Then it hit me that I also had to get this car load of stuff INTO the house.  Our garage goes into the basement, so that means I also had to carry it up a flight of stairs. I briefly considered knocking on a neighbors door and offering them cash to carry it all in for me...but I figured it was one thing for strangers in walmart to think I'm crazy, it was another thing for the people who I have to live near for an indeterminable number of years to think the same thing.  I performed a little triage type assessment of my groceries in the trunk, then took in and put away only the refrigerated and frozen stuff.

I got the items that made it through my triage assessment put away, popped some more tylenol, put on my PJ's and collapsed on the couch.  I took a nap, and woke up drenched in sweat, which I took as a good sign that my fever broke while I was sleeping.

I still felt pretty horrible and ran a fever the rest of the day, and a little bit the next morning.  I haven't had a fever since Saturday morning, but man....that brief illness must have really done a number on me.  I still don't feel 100% like myself, and it's Monday afternoon!  I don't feel sick at all, but just drained...getting dressed and ready for work this morning felt like I had run a marathon by the time I was finished.

BUT, if we're looking at the bright side of least I wasn't sick ON Christmas.  And most of my grocery shopping is done. :)

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