Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Recap

Remember I said things got a little bit crazy this week?  It all worked out in the end, but it initially started with us thinking that my in-laws wouldn't be able to join us for the holiday; my mother-in-law was in the hospital with a very severe stomach flu.  We were really sad that they wouldn't be here, but lo and behold...she was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve with assurance from the doctor that she was no longer contagious after being on antibiotics for over 24 hours, so they decided to make the trip out here that night! 

This might put us in the category of "big meanie parents" but we decided to not tell Jake that it was Christmas Eve.  I know, I seems cruel (and I was a bit sad, because it meant we couldn't put out milk and cookies or any of that fun stuff)...but seriously, it would have been bad.  This is the same kid who last month couldn't fall asleep the night before PJ & movie day at school, and then proceeded to wake up at 2am begging to go to school already.  And that was just PJ's and a movie!!  Can you even imagine what the arrival of Santa would have done to the poor kid??

But it was fun getting to tell him on Christmas morning :)  And Santa certainly came!!

 Jake got the gift that he has been asking for for months...the giant, talking Finn McMissle.  I have a video of him opening it, but blogger isn't cooperating right now for uploading videos, so I'll have to post that one later.  His other big gift was a set of skis (thanks again, Joy!)...I'm not sure who was more excited for them though, Jake or Brian :)

He also got a bike from Nana and PopPop!  It was warmer here yesterday, so he was able to test it out in the was a success!

Don't worry, Liam got some stuff, too!  Santa brought him some Puffs, fork/spoon set, plate, and a Little Tikes swing to add to our outdoor swingset in the spring.  And of course, the grandparents hooked him up!  He has been loving this Leap Frog drum from GG and Pappy:

He would have been just as happy if we would have let him do nothing but eat the wrapping paper all day.

After the marathon of gift opening, we spent most of the day taking toys out of their force-field like packaging and assembling them (by "we" I, of course, mean Brian, Uncle Nate and the grandpas)  and testing each and every one of them out.  (the next day was spent sorting through old toys and sneaking some up to the attic while jake was napping and couldn't protest!)

After not napping all day, Jake was finally starting to come off of his sugar/toy high around 7:30pm and went to bed without much of a fight...after we agreed to let him snuggle with his new favorite toy :)

Everyone was fairly healthy for Christmas, so we were grateful that we could all be together..the germ invasion started pretty much the day after Christmas and has led to a tiring week for all of us...more on that to come.  we hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! 

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Sara said...

Wow. Skis? A bike? I think I have no idea what kids this age can accomplish physically. What awesome gifts. And we have that little drum too -- a definite hit. I'm so glad your in-laws were able to make it out after all. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas -- so glad!

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