Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dishing out the compliments

A few days after we had decorated the house for Christmas, Jake said, "mommy, I have to tell you...your decorations are beautiful."  He said it in the sweetest voice, and in the most sincere way, I had tears in my eyes.  Really, I did.  He noticed and asked why I was crying, and I told him it was a happy cry, that what he had just said to me was very nice, and that I appreciated it.

Jake must have filed this away in his "how to get brownie points with mommy" part of his brain, because every few days now, he tells me again that my decorations are beautiful.  :)  And it gets me every time!!

The other day, I told him he looked very handsome in the sweater he had on...his response was, "awww...thanks, are so sweet to say that".  Maybe that's something I say?  It sounded so adult-like coming out of such a little guy.

Sometimes he'll randomly compliment Liam as well; the other day Liam was wearing a new pair of PJ's and Jake said "Oh wow baby Liam, those jammies are really nice.  I have some nice jammies, but not ones like that!"  He cracks me up!

Here he is, enjoying some time with his baby brother (in their nice jammies) in some containers...who needs toys when you have this stuff around the house?  It provided easily 45 minutes of entertainment for both of them.  first it was a fishing boat, then a ride, then a hiding space, then a car....

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Sara said...

M says funny things like that too. Laundry baskets are also a huge hit at our house, as is our big tub. We play with old storage bowls and random Tupperware more than we play with toys. It is so much fun to see what they will come up with!

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