Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Adventures of Jake & Ben

We have been grooming these boys to be BFF's since they were in the womb; though to be honest, it hasn't taken that much grooming on our part at all, they've just kind of fallen into those roles.  It's always fun to see their big reunions, and even if it's been awhile, they seem to pick right back up where they left off. 

This was the first year that they were going to be roommates; each set of parents had been prepping them for this for weeks leading up to vacation.  We had talked to Jake about how important it was that they actually went to sleep so that they had enough energy to play at the beach every day, how important it was to be quiet in the middle of the night if he woke up, etc...  We didn't have high expectations, at least for the first few nights. Of course, as I mentioned in my last post, the poor kid had strep throat, so my expectations for at least the first few nights were lowered even more.

So, night 1 rolls around and they go into their room around 8:30pm, and our entertainment for the evening quickly became listening to the monitor.  There were a lot of funny exchanges between them, but this one was by far the best:

Background: Jake often gets really hot at night and ends up taking his PJ's off to sleep.  This is what happened this first night at the beach house.

Ben: Jake, why do you sleep without your PJ's on?
Jake: Because I get hot.
Ben: Oh.
*a few seconds of silence*
Jake: Hey, could take your clothes off, too. 
Ben: No, I don't think so.
*a few seconds of silence*
Jake: Well, if you do, we would be the Naked Brothers.

I love how he threw it out there, like it was some elite group that already existed or something. 

Fast forward to a little while later: Melissa and I are in the kitchen, stuffing our faces full of chocolate chip cookies.  Ben creeps up the stairs and catches us, literally with our hand in the cookie jar.  He does the obvious and tries to bargain for a cookie, but Melissa sends him back to bed.  We turn up the monitor in time to hear him say, "Jake, Jake!  They're eating cookies up there without us!" 

Mwuwuhahaha....yes, that's right, kids.  Sometimes mommies and daddies save the BEST snacks for when all of the kids are in bed!

We ended up having to separate them the next night because they were talking (well, mostly Jake talking to Ben!), but they wanted to try again the following night and they were fine.  They were roomies the rest of the trip!

Here's a video of the night they decided to morph into the long-lost members of One Direction.  I love their sweet moves and Liam waddling around the place, doing his own thing, including terrorizing the innocent remote control:

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