Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mommy, Jake & Liam-Day of Fun!!

That's what Jake called the day last week when I kept both kids home with me as a surprise for the day.  We had some business to attend to first (it was the day of Liam's 15 month check up) but after that, we had all day to ourselves!! 

There's a shopping center near downtown Pittsburgh called Southside Works, which features a fountain/splash pad area that kids can play in.  We had never taken the kids there, but I figured it was water and they'd like it.  First we went to a regular playground in that area, then enjoyed a picnic lunch outside, then made our way over to the fountain.  My guess that they would enjoy it was a bit off...I wouldn't say they hated it, but they didn't love it.  Liam was a bit hesitant, since the water would go all the way down, then come up suddenly and nearly slapped him in the face one time.  And he kept slipping and falling (the bricks surrounding the water area were super slippery, he was sliding with his shoes on and without)  Jake complained that the water was cold (truth).  But, oh well.  It was a nice day, nonetheless.

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