Friday, August 10, 2012

Kiddie Funland

Midweek, we decided to change up our evening a bit and head to Funland, which was in Sea Isle City, the next town over from Avalon.  We had gone to the same place our very first year vacationing together, but it didn't really end well; Jake was about 18 months old and there was nothing fun to him about Funland at that time. Photographic evidence of his hatred of Funland, circa August 2009:

side note-if you didn't know any better, wouldn't you assume that was Liam??

 I'm happy to say that the amusement park was much better received this time around. 

his first roller coaster!

Liam enjoyed watching everyone on the rides for a little while, then wanted to get out of the stroller and walk around.  No problem, stretch your legs!  All was well until the poor kid then tried to stand in line with the big kids and walk onto the same rides.  Poor Liam spent a significant amount of time on vacation trying to keep up with the big kids, and this was just salt in the wound for him! 

Funland should be renamed "Lameland".  where are my rides?
  We found one ride he could go on, this super fun train that went around in a circle:

I could almost hear his thoughts of, "seriously?  Jake goes on a caterpillar shaped roller coaster and I get stuck on this lame train?  What a ripoff."  Next year, my little man.

Here's a pretty funny video of Jake on the bumper cars; either he just couldn't understand how to properly turn the wheel, or his car was broken, because he never stopped spinning in circles the entire time.  He got off, looked a little woozy and said he was dizzy.  oops.

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