Monday, August 20, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame!

First of all, happy belated birthday to Brian!!  He celebrated his birthday last week by taking Jake to his first Pirates game that afternoon!  His boss was nice enough to give him a few hours out of the office and tickets to the game.  We weren't sure how Jake would do (I mean, let's be honest, I can tolerate roughly 30 minutes of a baseball game before I get antsy), but we figured it was worth a try, just to say they had gone.

They parked downtown, then walked across the bridge and took the standard pictures with the statue before heading into the stadium.

Then they made their way to their seats:

The gorgeous view from inside PNC Park!

They had great seats, right behind the dug out.

Aside from a little bit of nervousness at the beginning of the game (due mostly to the noise), Jake did a GREAT job!  Brian was so proud of him, he was paying attention and standing up and cheering right along with the crowd just a few minutes into the game.  He got a bit restless in the 4th inning, so they took a walk around the stadium and made their way to the kids play area.

He got out some energy there, then requested to go back to their seats to watch the rest of the game.  And of course a first visit to the park isn't complete without some type of souvenir and junk food:

While he was initially very excited to try the cotton candy, he only ended up taking a few bites, declaring it to be "too fuzzy".

When they came home that evening, Jake was excited to tell us all about his day, then help Brian open up his gifts. 

new steelers tshirt from GG & Pappy
Hula monkey from GG & Pappy :)  so festive!
homemade beer making kit from me & the kiddos
New welcome mat that says "welcome to Brian & Emmy's tiki hut" :)

Happy birthday, Brian...we love you!!

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jpournaras said...

Aw I was excited to see the pics of the luau bec it always looks so fun! That welcome mat is so cute-where did you find where to get that personalized at?!

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