Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post-weekend recap

Remember how earlier in the summer I was complaining about the temps being in the mid to upper 90's ALL OF THE FREAKING TIME?  And then there were the people who were complaining about the people complaining...they were all, "Why is everyone whining? It's summer!  It's always hot!  This happens every year!"  No it does not.  And now I have proof that July of 2012 was literally the hottest month ever on record.  Take that, noncomplaining jerks. My whining was totally justified.

Moving on, the point of my rant above is that last weekend, the temps dropped...waaaaaay down.  (insert other people complaining about the unseasonably cool temps here...but not me!)  BRING ON FALL!  While the cooler weather was welcomed with open arms by me, I was not exactly prepared for it, as Liam had not a single piece of fall clothing out. We also happened to have our neighborhood block party that evening, so there we were, 15 minutes before it started, digging through old bins of clothing trying to pull something together.

Once we all got to the block party (bundled up), we had a great time!  I love that our neighborhood does stuff like this (and I'm planning more stuff for the kids in the 'hood, but that will be another post).  The highlight for Liam was this treasure hunt amongst wood chips that they had.  He didn't care about finding the treasure, but loved making a giant mess of himself.

Jake took advantage of the free tattoos and started working on his full sleeves.

Who needs toys when you can play with a huge pack of plastic cups?  The boys got in a lot of college-party practice hand eye coordination practice.

 It was a bit warmer on Sunday, but still nice and cool in the morning, so we headed to the zoo.

Child cage
stingray tunnel!
Hey, hey!!
who let the big kid in the meerkat tunnel??
Photobombing Meerkat!

 What's your opinion on the cooler weather?  Are you welcoming it with open arms and longing for a pumpkin spice latte, or sobbing into your iced beverage, wishing you were in your bathing suit?

 I think we all know where I stand.

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