Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy House-iversary!

Wow...we closed on our house exactly one year ago today. A quick look at the updates we've done so far:

1st floor bathroom


After (painted, replaced faucet, towel bar and knobs)

Kids Bathroom


After (just new decor, but it made a huge difference, as I couldn't stand the southwest theme that the previous owners had left us!)

4th Bedroom/Liam's Room


After (just some new paint)

Jake's Room (big boy room makeover plus new dresser and new curtains!)



Of course, there are other projects that we (I) would love to do...nothing major, just some updates. The bathroom in our master bath has gold fixtures that I don't care for, so eventually, I'd like to replace those and maybe paint the vanity (it's just a meh color, I think it would look better if it were white) and replace the mirror/medicine cabinet. Same thing with the bathroom in our gameroom---replace the gold faucet, and repaint eventually.

The paint in the dining room is a beige color, which is fine, but there's a nice white chair rail in that room & I'd love to have 2 different colors on the wall eventually. I'm thinking a warm latte type color scheme....I need to find some examples/inspiration at some point.

We also have this set of doors in the playroom:

They look fine from that angle, but if you look carefully by the door knob, you can see that the previous owner's dog must have had a field day clawing up the wood on the doors, it's totally scratched up. At first, we were kind of like, eh...oh well we'll deal with it for awhile. But, then the winter rolled around & we also discovered that the doors/windows are terrible in terms of keeping the cold out!! That room is always warmer in the summer, and downright cold in the winter. And since it's what we use as a playroom (and thus, are in there quite a bit) it's annoying. we'll be looking into replacement options at some point soon.

Those are really the only "projects" that we would want to do at some point. Other than that, it's just little things that need to be done (that we can hopefully tackle this winter when we're not quite as busy), like touching up paint in some of the rooms and patching up holes that the previous owners left behind, scraping some peeling paint from the outside of the house and touching that up, and hopefully planting some bulbs that will pop up next spring! (I was disappointed to find that there were no tulips left behind this past year)

Happy 1 year House-iversary to us!! :-)


Amanda said...

I just love your house! It is really turning into your "home" with the little customizations you have made along the way. Just a warning, from someone who also lives in a neighborhood with deer and other little critters. They do love to munch on tulips. So beware, and don't get too excited because it is possible someone will snack on them. Daffodils, while less colorful than tulips tend to be ignored by my friendly neighborhood deer!

Sara said...

I can't believe it has been a year already! WOW. We've been in our house almost 6 years, and I still have not replaced our master bathroom fixtures ilke I wanted to before we moved in. hahahaha And if you're having problems with the deer eating flowers (we do too!) you can just sprinkle some regular black pepper on the plants. Animals hate that. I buy in bulk at Sam's Club. :)

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