Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jake: Unsupervised.

Last night after work, Jake was coloring and putting some stickers in books in the playroom.  I told him I was going to start dinner, and to keep playing nicely by himself.  I put Liam in the bouncy seat in the kitchen, get dinner started....elapsed time of approximately 5 minutes, I peek my head into the playroom to check on Jake & find this:

Me: Jake, where are your clothes, why are your underwear backwards and what are you doing exactly?

Jake: *sigh* Mommy.  (said as if I should clearly know the answers to my questions)  I am a transformer.  So I had to take off my clothes and transform my underwear.  My legs have lasers.  These are my wings.  Is dinner ready yet? 

Love this kid.


jpournaras said...

Hilarious and precious!!

Sara said...

That's awesome. Definitely a story (and photo!) to break out in the future. :)

ShangriLa said...

Bwahahaha! Can I just say: I love your kid! ;-) That's awesome! And definitely something to break out when he starts trying to bring girls around! ;-D

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