Thursday, September 15, 2011

Falling in love with fall.

Every year, I fall in love with fall even more.  Like a lot of other things, I've found that having kids gives me a whole new perspective on holidays and seasons.  While I've always loved the season, I really look forward to it now, knowing that we get to take the kids to pumpkin patches, Zoo Boo, dress them up for Halloween, etc...

But of course, I still love fall for my own selfish purposes:

Pumpkin Spice Lattes---I love you.  I love everything about you, from the warm, cozy feel of your cup in my hands, to the lovely dollop of whipped cream that is perfectly placed on the top. 

Boots and Sweaters---there is something about pulling you back out of the closet after a long, hot summer that brings me much joy.  Putting you on today for the first time in months made me squeal with delight.  Opening up my armoir that is devoted entirely to my sweater collection nearly made my eyes fill up with tears at the pride that I felt over acquiring such a lovely collection.  (I think Brian's eyes fill up with tears when he sees that same collection, but probably for a different reason)

Fall Decor---I put you out last week.  I love you dearly, but I need to get you some more friends, the house looks a bit bare this year.  Must buy more pumpkins!  But I do love the fact that I catch a wiff of spicy candles when I walk into certain rooms...ahhh.

New nail polish---I'm not a big fan of dark or deep red nail polishes, as I feel that my vampire complexion mixed with dark colors tends to make me fall into the Goth side of life.  But, I saw this new Essie color ("Carry On") in a magazine and had to have it (side note-did we know that walmart now carries Essie?  I was excited to see that as well).

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Sara said...

I like all of the seasons, but I'm starting to like fall more and more. I am going to start decorating soon.

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