Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sir Spits-a-lot

Liam has a lot of nicknames, L-I-AM (his rapper nickname), bugga (I'm not sure why, I started calling him this as a shortened version of snugglebug), but perhaps the most accurate nickname we use is "Sir Spits-a-lot".  Poor thing...his clothes just stand no chance.  We use bibs all of the time (which drives me crazy, half of the time the bib covers up something cute on his shirt, but it's easier to change bibs 49 times a day than it is to change his whole outfit).  but sometimes, even the bib can't provide enough protection and the outfit is ruined.

Fortunately, his reflux is a bit better as of this week.  He had been on 1.6 mL of zantac for awhile now (probably almost 2 months), and it was working well, but then he started having many of the same symptoms as before...crying when trying to nurse, crying and fussing right before spitting up, arching his back, etc....  An estimated weight check at home showed that he was about 13.5 lbs, which bumped him up to the next dose at 2mL.  He's been on that dose for about 6 days now and is showing improvement.  The volume of spit up is still unbelievable (seriously, sometimes it sounds and looks like a someone just threw a bucket of water all over my floor), but he seems to not be bothered by it as much now, so that's all we can ask for.  The doctor seemed confident before that once he starts solids, we would see an improvement in the reflux and hopefully be able to start weaning off the meds soon after that.  He goes in next week for his 4 month check up and I'm assuming they will tell us it's ok to start solids, so we'll see if he seems ready and if we feel comfortable.  But if it helps, I'm all about it!!

Here is a shot of what his shirts inevitably end up looking like after being on for a short period of time, this was over the weekend, I was trying to get some nice, smiley shots of him while he was playing on his playmat...before I could snap a single smiley pic, this is what happened!!

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