Sunday, September 25, 2011

Katie's Bridal Shower

My brother is getting married next month, so my mom hosted a bridal shower yesterday for his fiance, Katie.  The shower was held at Palazzo 1837 Restaurant in Washington; if you're looking for a unique and beautiful location for any type of get together, definitely check this place out!  The restaurant is an old home (built in 1837-hence the name), and all of the rooms are still in tact.  Here is a look at the room we were in:

 and the food is delicious!

My mom ordered these favors from Country Confections, how cute are they??

The fabulous (and delicious!) cake (thanks, Lisa of Lisacakes!!) :)

We interrupt the coverage of the actual shower to bring you this slightly humorous side note...Melissa & I are known for doing everything together.  We've worked 2 jobs together, we got engaged and married within a few months of each other, and our kids are just a few months apart, just to name a few examples.  sometimes, things like this happen:

As you can imagine, the joke of hte day quickly became, "did you guys plan this?".  As if the twin look weren't bad enough, as Katie was opening the gifts, we discovered that we actually bought her the same gift.'s scary sometimes.  (But look how cute Melissa's bump is!!!)

Back to the shower, Katie got a lot of great stuff!!  she's a very fun girl, and I'm looking forward to having her as my sister-in-law soon :)

At the end of the shower, Nate & Brian came...mainly so that we could put them to work to load up all of the gifts, but also so that everyone could say hi to Jake & Liam. 

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jpournaras said...

Aww what an awesome lookin shower and the food sounded yummy! How nice your bff is pregnant too!! Are your boys in your brothers wedding?! That would b so cute!!y! How nice your bff is pregnant too!! Are your boys in your brothers wedding?! That would b so cute!!

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