Friday, March 23, 2012

Book Review: "Maine" (Courtney Sullivan)

Maine (Courtney Sullivan)

I had previously reviewed this author's first book, Commencement; while I enjoyed that one more than this one, I still liked Maine.  I found that I "clicked" more with the characters of Commencement, but then again, I probably shouldn't be comparing the two books to each other all that much just because they're by the same author!

I'll say this about Maine....I wanted to hate each and every one of the characters.  And in fact, I did hate them in many parts of the book (and there are quite a few characters!)  But the author did a great job of building these characters up as complete and total narcissistic jerks that you found yourself all fired up about not liking them, only to then be presented with their back story, or parts of their childhood, or another little snippet about them, where you stopped hating them long enough to feel compassion toward them instead. I enjoyed it overall and would recommend it.

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