Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mom, meet Hailey.

Me (while driving home from daycare the other day): So Jake, what did you do at school today?
Jake: We went outside, and I ran around with Mason and Hailey.
(He's involved in a bromance with Mason, but I had never heard of a Hailey being mentioned before)
Me: That sounds like fun.  Is Hailey in your class?
Jake: No.  She's in high school.
Me (quite confused): In high school?  But she was at your school today?
Jake: *sigh* No, mommy.  Hailey is my new friend.  She lives at our house and has blonde hair.  We play Hot Wheels cars together. But she was at school today, too.
Me: oooooh, I see.  Hailey sounds like she's a lot of fun.
Jake: She is!

At this point, my inner monologue was going something like this, "OMG...he is 4 years old and has his very first imaginary friend.  Who happens to be a female who is BLONDE AND IN HIGH SCHOOL!"
But I restrained myself and said, " nice!"

Later that night while I was cooking dinner, I overheard him telling Hailey she could take a turn racing a car down the was really very sweet to listen to as long as I looked past the fact that he was racing cars with a high school girl.

People!  What am I going to do when he has an actual girlfriend???  I had to remind myself that this girl does not actually exist...what will I do when one does exist? 

It's acceptable to insist he doesn't date until he's 18 22 30, right?

But seriously, look at this handsome little wonder Hailey wants to be his friend.

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ShangriLa said...

Oh lordy! That's adorable! And yet frightening at the same time! Creedyn startled me today by saying a word I've never heard him use, and we rarely use it around the house, ourselves: Hate! =/

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