Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jake Quotes

I haven't done a round up of Jake's quotes recently, so here we go!

*After telling him about my BFF having a baby and how his buddy Ben is now a big brother, too, Jake responded with, "Let's get me a little sister next, ok?  I think that's a good idea".

*While driving home from the doctor's office (when he had pink eye) he had it in his head for some reason that we were going to McDonald's (we were not).  He proceeded to cry the entire drive home, then dramatically fling himself to the floor when we walked in the house, still whining about not being able to go.  I said to him, "Jake, I'm very disappointed in the way that you're acting, it is not ok to behave like this".  He stopped crying long enough to shoot back to me, "Mommy!  I am very disappointed in the way that you...(dramatic pause)....didn't take me to McDonald's!"

*At dinner a few nights ago, this was the conversation between Jake and Brian:

Jake: So, daddy...did you have a good day at work today?
Brian: I did, thank you for asking!
Jake: What did you do at your work today?
Brian: Well, I help people with their money.
Jake: Oh.  Did you remember to take my cash register into work with you?

Also, I think he might have some OCD tendencies.  He will literally spend 15, 20 minutes lining up his cars in a perfect row.  Sometimes he even sorts them my color and/or type of car.  He's very dedicated to his craft.


ShangriLa said...

Sometimes Jake's quotes make me so excited that Creedyn's speech is getting so much better! Ohhh your stories make me laugh, and wonder what I'm going to be in for when Creedyn is talking better!

As to Jake and his cars... Creedyn does the SAME THING. I'm telling you, it's just a boy thing. Silly boys!

Burgh Baby said...

Jake wins with his "I'm disappointed in you" comeback. You are in so much trouble when he gets older!

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