Monday, March 5, 2012

Welcome to the world, baby Parker!

So excited for my BFF and her family, they welcomed their baby Parker into the world on February 22nd!  We were able to make the trip to Virginia this past weekend to visit with them, giving me plenty of time to get in some newborn snuggles. 

We really lucked out with the weather on Saturday, and the boys were able to spend hours outside....riding power wheels, bouncing and playing football. 

So here's something that's interesting...Jake was born in January of 2008, Ben was born in September of 2008, making them roughly 8 months apart.  Liam was born in May 2011, Parker was born in February 2012, making them roughly 9 months apart.  So our children are pretty much spaced out exactly the same.  Jake and Ben have this bond that I can't explain (kind of like their mothers!); they have always played so well together, and even if they don't see each other for awhile, they pick right back up where they left off.  If you ask Jake who his best friend is, without hesitation, he says "Ben".  Needless to say, we are assuming Liam and Parker will be the same way.  Here we are, introducing them:

Prior to the camera coming out, Liam was gazing adoringly at Parker; we got out the camera and he immediately put on his cheese face and we couldn't get him to stop!

 Before leaving on Sunday, we attempted to get a picture of all of the brothers...easier said than done.  Here are the outtakes and the one shot that was about as good as it was going to get for now! :) 

What do you mean there are more babies??, I guess??
Ok, my turn to hold him!

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