Sunday, March 11, 2012

Animal House 2: Babies Gone Wild

WARNING: if you have a strong gag reflex, stop reading...this is a story  about spit up.  and playing with spit up.   And pee.  And more spit up.

The scene was the same as many Saturday mornings across the country at various college campuses: guy ends up naked under a kitchen table, surrounded by his own vomit spit up.

I turned my back for 5 seconds tonight and Liam starts pretending he's Picasso, playing with his spit up (ew, ew, I know).  In case you were wondering, he had been stripped down to just a diaper after making a giant mess out of himself at dinner.

But wait, there's more!  The frat party continued after cleaning up the kitchen floor.  Brian took off Liam's diaper to put him in the tub, but before he could do that, Liam peed all over him.  He finally makes it into the tub, only to spit up a bunch IN the tub.  Major party foul.  Baby evacuated, water drained, refilled tub.

So to summarize....Liam got naked, went under the kitchen table, puked, peed on someone else, then puked again.  We were one toga away from being able to film a sequel to Animal House.....


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