Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Review: Commencement (Courtney Sullivan)

Commencement by Courtney Sullivan

Description from amazon:
There is a curious thing that happens to nearly all of us in the haze of our post-college years, and that is this: we anticipate the prospect of becoming honest-to-God adults with both heady excitement and unfathomable dread. Dread because we know, wisely, that once we cross this threshold, we cannot go back; there is no sleeping in past eleven, no immature antics that can still be written off to childhood, no phoning our parents when the checkbook hits zero. Excitement because it is such a relief to evolve into something bigger than we were before, to embrace the world as ready, steady grown-ups. And J. Courtney Sullivan, via her debut novel, Commencement, explores these very complexities and growing pains of leaving behind our adolescences and surrendering to adulthood.

This is one of the better books I've read this year, I flew through it, devouring the pages, particularly the sections that were set when the girls were still in college.  I found myself relating to so many things that were discussed in the book....staying up all night talking to your roommate about nothing and everything, planning your entire class schedule around how late you can sleep in, essentially having your entire day revolve around meal times with friends, doing silly things in the dorms just because you could (In my case I distinctly remember doing things like trick or treating in our apartment in December, having water fights in the dorm with some guys down the hall, and "ice skating" in the community bathroom with a bunch of girls, using papers on our feet to skid across the floors at 2am) and so on.  The story flips back and forth between the time spent in college, and after graduation, following the girls as their friendship evolves over time to adjust to adulthood, which is part of what made the book so could really see why these girls (women) came to be the people they were when you were seeing what they came from in years past.

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