Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get Organized!!

I randomly had to take a day off from work on Monday (poor Miss Gracie had a UTI and had to go to the vet)...the kids were in school, so I basically had the whole day to myself.  As tempted as I was to stay in my PJ's, plop myself on the couch with some Halloween candy (what?  I have to do quality control to make sure what I'm going to pass out is appropriate!) and watch The Real Housewives of NJ (hot mess!), I instead forced myself to be productive.

For weeks now, I want to scream in horror every time I open up one of the closets in our bedrooms.  I don't even know what happened, or how they got so bad so fast, but it looked like a war zone in all of them.  My closet just had shopping bags exploding out of the bottom, mostly with some Christmas gifts that I've already purchased, sweatshirts spilling out of the shelves on top, and shoes thrown all over the floor.  The boys closets were both filled with clothes that dont' fit them any more, but needed to be sorted by size then placed into bins to go up to the attic; instead, I had started piling them up in bags in their closets, but those bags were overflowing at this point.  The closets needed some serious attention.

Here is Jake's closet, the before & after favorite organization piece for the boys' clothes are these hanging things with slots in them; perfect for pants, sweatshirts, etc..without having to stuff every single piece of clothing into the dresser.

After!  ahhh....

Here is the discarded pile of clothes that no longer fit him....later placed into bins and ready to go to the attic!

And here are some before/after shots of his dresser drawers.  It's amazing what a difference just taking everything out and refolding it can make!

PJ drawer before
after taking out clothes that don't fit, I was able to split the PJ's into 2 drawers
shirt drawer before
folded-ta da!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a before shot of Liam's closet (but trust me, it was bad), but here is the after!

And my closet:

pay particular attention to the bottom....
much better!


This project literally took me about 5 hours...I was exhausted and my back hurt by the end of the day, but it was so worth it!!

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