Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

We had an early Halloween celebration on Friday, which was 1 of 2 parties for Jake at school (they had one on Halloween as well).  He didn't get to wear his costume to the one on Friday, but parents were invited and we were to make a silly hat to wear that day.  (guess who totally forgot about the hat making until the last minute and was then up at 9pm the night before with a glue gun and some foam visors??)

my fabulous face painting job

Monday was the school party AND trick or treat, so it was a big day for the kids. 

Our neighborhood has a parade for the kids right before trick or treat starts, which was really cute.  (you might notice in the pictures below that Liam is in a different costume than what is pictured above--the zebra was a total man down after being spit up on, so we had to switch to this lion, which he was not really happy about).

Jake & our neighbor, Amelia

Liam and I headed back home to pass out candy after the parade, while Brian took Jake around the neighborhood, along with another little girl who lives down the street.  Unfortunately, it was raining, but they still had a great time and made it out for a little over an hour.

Happy Halloween!!

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